Satellite Applications Catapult Joins BARSC - 10/01/2017

The British Association of Remote Sensing Companies (BARSC) has announced that the Satellite Applications Catapult has taken advantage of the new Observer Membership class and joined the association. From its offices on the Harwell Campus in Oxfordshire, the Satellite Applications Catapult works to create and accelerate economic growth in the UK through the application of space technology. It is a not-for-profit organisation, independent of any one technology or company, and always works to bring the best available solution to solve customer problems.

BARSC represents British-based companies with a commercial interest in remote sensing; a fast-growing industry within both the space and aerial sectors. It is a competitive industry, with new companies entering the marketplace at a rate which is also facing challenges of governance, promotion and development.

BARSC’s role is to ensure that member company’s collective voice is heard and understood by the right people as well as building those vital bridges with organisations such as the Catapult which will create commercial and research opportunities.

Empowered by satellites

Commenting on joining BARSC, Satellite Applications Catapult head of CEO’s Office Nick Veck said The Satellite Applications Catapult’s vision – to innovate for a better world empowered by satellites – can only be achieved through an enduring partnership between ourselves and the UK commercial remote sensing community.

Veck stated this is a great opportunity to work much more closely with BARSC and all its members through this new class of membership, which recognises the importance of businesses and not-for-profit research and technology organisations like the Catapult to engage together to meet the challenges and opportunities ahead in this global Earth observation marketplace. 
Sam Lavender , BARSC chair, welcomed the Catapult to the Association. BARSC has a clear mandate to support the growing investment in applications, with their members having varied backgrounds and interests, she said. By allowing organisations such as the Satellite Applications Catapult to join BARSC the discussions between members will be improved, opening new conversations and collaborative opportunities.

Last updated: 21/06/2018