Save the Date: YellowScan International User Conference - 24/04/2017

This year’s YellowScan User Conference will take place from 29-30 June in Montpellier, southern France. The event will include demos and conferences about the company’s lightweight integrated Lidar systems and their technical specifications, the unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) used for Lidar, and the data processing and analysis. Other key features will include industry case studies and technical workshops, what’s new and what’s coming at YellowScan, and of course making connections and sharing information about efficient workflows. After hours, the event provides plenty of opportunities for networking during various social activities such as wine tasting, a concert and more.

What can the visitor expect?

  • Industry Case Studies and Technical Workshops: find out how others are using YellowScan Lidar systems.
  • What’s New and What’s Coming: learn about new features & tell YellowScan what you need.
  • Make Connections: see who’s doing what and how they’re doing it.
  • Share What You Learn: help others with efficient workflows.
  • Enjoy your time in the wonderful Château de Flaugergues and the beautiful city of Montpellier.
  • Social activities: wine tasting, concert and more.

To register or for more information, see here.

Last updated: 30/05/2020