ScanEx Becomes Authorised Mapping Partner of Google - 24/12/2014

ScanEx has become an authorised partner of Google in Russia and the CIS countries. The companies will be cooperating on developing integrated mapping solutions based on ScanEx software solutions and Google services.

It is expected that services developed will allow a wide variety of business tasks to be carried out: from increasing site conversion to improving the environmental performance. They will be easy-to-use and available to each organisation without requiring huge investments in infrastructure, software and personnel training.

Google Maps is the world's most popular geoservice. Its user-friendly interface displays a wide variety of geographic information. However, Google Maps service solutions possibilities are not limited to finding the nearest coffee shop or watching traffic jams: the same intuitive technology can resolve complex geospatial issues at the enterprise level.


Maps with up-to-date data, including those generated using satellite imagery, are a vivid and powerful tool for spatial information management in a variety of businesses, including retailers, banking services, insurance, real estate, transportation, communal services, tourism, emergency response services and many more. It is a myth that the advantages of satellite imagery are purely for big business; ScanEx wants to demonstrate that this is not true, said Valery Barinberg, director general of ScanEx RDC.

Analysis of business in its geographical context enables companies to make well-informed decisions, to optimise resource management and to efficiently use spatial information throughout the organisation and beyond, since all the Google Maps services are available to users of computers, smartphones and tablet computers anywhere in the world.

Geographic problems

Globally, the clients of Google Maps solutions already include organisations such as, for example, the American Red Cross, DHL, Allianz, Airberlin, Intercontinental Hotel Group, etc. (a list of notable clients is represented on the official website of the Google map service solutions). Potential buyers of such services can be, in fact, virtually any organisation: from government agencies to retailers and taxi companies. The reason for this is not so much in the popularity of Google Maps as the fact that every business sooner or later faces geographic problems. Questions like "where should I open a new trading point?", "where are my customers?", "where is the courier who was supposed to deliver an extra-urgent order an hour ago?" can be answered quickly, on a daily basis and at the organisational level, explained Andrew Shumakov, ScanEx's global markets director.

For now the main potential customers in Russia are the companies engaged in transportation, including telematic systems, long and short-distance passenger and freight traffic activities, delivery of different goods, including companies that develop their own commercial products and systems for monitoring of mobile objects. However, other companies, including those related to tourism, real estate, financial, advertising services, are also part of the target audience, said Eugenia Yakovenko, head of Google liaison department at ScanEx RDC.

Global coverage

The main advantages of the Google solutions for such companies are the global coverage with detailed mapping and satellite data, a split-second calculation and optimisation of routes, the current traffic situation overview, guarantee of failure-free operation of services regardless of the use volumes, solutions flexibility - since they can be incorporated into any existing system - as well as the accessibility of solutions on any device with internet access.

Last updated: 21/09/2018