Seeking geospatial stories: share your expertise!

Seeking geospatial stories: share your expertise!

Is your organization working on an inspiring approach to attract more youngsters into the industry? Do you have a strategic vision that deserves to be heard? Do you have a case study that you would like to share with us? Is your company involved in an extremely interesting project? Or are you taking innovative steps in your use of geospatial solutions? At GIM International, in line with our slogan of ‘Empowering the geospatial community’, we are always looking for ideas and editorial input about topics that concern our readers!

We have a broad support base of readers both in the business world, at universities, and within government institutions and other organizations. Therefore, in our editorial content, we strive to present a varied mix of themes and perspectives from people who are actively working in land surveying, GIS and related fields.

Needless to say, editorial contributions are published free of charge. However, to maintain the high standard of our editorial content, we enforce certain guidelines. If your company desires a more commercial approach, particularly for marketing purposes (such as highlighting a product launch), there are paid options available to bypass the editorial restrictions.

Over the past 38 years, GIM International has firmly established itself as a leading information platform for the worldwide geospatial community, which creates a tremendous stage for exchanging knowledge – and we are happy to share that stage with you! Please feel free to contact our head of content Wim van Wegen ( to discuss your ideas.

For 38 years, GIM International has been a key information platform for the global geospatial community.
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