Sensor for Monitoring Applications - 14/04/2009

The Leica TM30 Sensor is designed for high-precision measurements and combines automatic, fast and silent operation to ensure that even the smallest movement in all monitoring applications is detected. The Leica TM30 integrates with Leica GeoMoS software to create a monitoring system.



The Leica TM30 succeeds the Leica TCA2003 and TCA1800 Total Stations and is designed specifically for use in monitoring applications. Equipped with direct drives based on piezo technology, the Leica TM30 accelerates extremely fast, allowing shorter measurements cycles when working with multiple prisms. The silent drives enable the TM30 to be installed in urban areas for monitoring applications with zero noise pollution.


The Leica TM30 offers accurate angle measurements of 0.5" or 1". Distances can be measured with Leica Geosystems' proven PinPoint EDM Technology with a precision of 0.6 mm + 1 ppm on prisms. On natural surfaces an accuracy of 2 mm + 2 ppm is achieved.


Leica SmartEye Vision technology integrates three new functionalities. First, prisms are automatically detected within a range of up to 3,000 metres with millimeter accuracy. Second, the TargetView functionality narrows the field-of-view when using multiple prisms close together. The correct prisms are detected without interference from surrounding prisms. Finally, TargetCapture technology stores the telescope camera image as documentation of any measured point.


The Leica TM30 is designed to withstand the roughest use in the most severe environments for 24/7 operation. The TM30 operates for extremely long intervals without suffering from wear and tear. The service interval, maintenance costs and continuous operation ensure maximum productivity. The unique piezo direct drive technology pairs accuracy and low power consumption with intelligent on-demand power management.



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