Sensor Systems Joins Overwatch Systems Group - 01/11/2005

Sensor Systems (VA, USA), the developer of RemoteView geospatial processing software, has joined the Overwatch Systems (NJ, USA) group of companies. Effective 1st October Sensor Systems changed its name to Overwatch Geospatial Operations and remains headquartered in Sterling (VA, USA).

Overwatch Systems combines the resources of four companies – Sensor Systems, Austin IT Systems, ITSpatial and Federal IT – to provide a suite of integrated geospatial and fusion software tools for the defense/intelligence community called the Overwatch Intelligence Center (OIC). The OIC focuses on providing situational awareness by enabling analysts to generate relevant, actionable intelligence faster and more effectively for the warfighter, first responder and decision maker.

RemoteView is software for imagery visualisation and geospatial analysis within the defense intelligence community with a growing customer base in the commercial and foreign government sectors. It handles massive image data sets of multiple gigabyte size for rapid visualization and processing. RemoteView provides intuitive user controls to seamlessly build virtual mosaics incorporating hundreds of images for broad-area analysis, and includes tools for vector management, multi- and hyper-spectral analysis, 3D scene visualisation and photogrammetry.

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