SI Imaging Services Signs MoU to Strengthen Cooperation between South Korea and Belgium

SI Imaging Services Signs MoU to Strengthen Cooperation between South Korea and Belgium

SI Imaging Services has signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with Luciad, a Belgian software provider for worldwide mission-critical operations, and its certified reseller in South Korea, G-Ros, with the goal of offering joint solutions using KOMPSAT data. The signing ceremony took place as part of a week-long business delegation organised by the Belgian Economic Mission to the Republic of Korea from 10-17 June 2017.

SI Imaging Services (SIIS) is a leading provider of VHR satellite imagery and in particular is a representative of the KOMPSAT series. Luciad is known for its geospatial software platform specialised in the defence, safety & security, aviation, maritime and utilities & logistics sectors.

The MoU is set to strengthen the cooperation between South Korea and Belgium. Through this agreement, Luciad will enrich its capacity to offer KOMPSAT’s value-added products to customers through the Luciad-based data management, visualisation and analytics system.

KOMPSAT programme

The KOMPSAT (Korean Multi-Purpose Satellite) programme is a part of the Korean government’s space development programme, which provides very-high-resolution satellite imagery to the global remote sensing community. Since the first launch (KOMPSAT-1, 6.6m optical) in 1999, the resolution has improved to 40cm (KOMPSAT-3A), and coverage now also includes X-band SAR satellite imagery.

The KOMPSAT 3A offers 40cm-resolution imagery for a variety of purposes such as mapping, monitoring infrastructure, agriculture, managing natural resources, etc. Meanwhile, KOMPSAT-5 offers very-high-resolution SAR imagery up to 85 centimetres for change detection irrespective of weather conditions.



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