Signals from External GNSS Devices for Better Fieldwork - 28/07/2016

Receiving high-accuracy data is essential for fieldworkers and surveyors. Now, two core products of SuperGIS Mobile Series: SuperSurv for Android and SuperPad are all capable of receiving the signal from external GNSS devices. After connecting and matching the smart devices and external GNSS receivers, users can acquire high accuracy data with ease. SuperPad and SuperSurv for Android can fully support and display the location and other detailed information collected by mainstream external GNSS devices, which can meet demands of most fieldworkers.

Supergeo is also adjusting SuperPad and SuperSurv to work with multiple professional surveying instruments, which are acquired from its hardware partner. Based on the result of field tests, the mobile solution has significantly reduced the signal error and can reach 50-centimeter precision after the adjustment. When the adjustment of multiple devices is completed, users would have more high accuracy mobile solutions for fieldworks.

The full-featured mobile GIS software developed by Supergeo can assist users to collect, edit, measure, and display spatial data.

Last updated: 12/12/2019