Siteco Mobile Mapping Systems Equipped with FARO Laser Scanners - 27/10/2016

Siteco Infomatica has announced an extended partnership with FARO, the producer of the Focus laser scanner. This extended partnership will bring the Road-Scanner Compact equipped with FARO Focus laser scanners worldwide.

The new lightweight and compact system addresses a broad market of users who need to capture existing infrastructure for applications such as asset management, high-grade surveying, inspection and so on. According to Siteco, the flexibility to easily unmount the Focus3D laser scanners and use them independently in static mode sets this solution apart from conventional mobile mapping systems.

By joining forces with Siteco, FARO will be able to meet the increasing market demand for appropriate mobile mapping systems. FARO will advocate the Road-Scanner Compact using their global sales network, while Siteco will remain the main point-of-contact for customers when it comes to selling the system and will take care of its maintenance and related warranties. This collaboration will help customers gain access to the technology of Siteco through FARO’s wide sales network. 

Siteco is very excited about this collaboration, as FARO has the worldwide sales network which will help Siteco expand into geographical regions otherwise beyond its reach, providing the well-known FARO brand an entrance into the exciting and growing mobile mapping market, said Augusto Burchi, CEO of Siteco.


Last updated: 10/07/2020