Smart Delta and partner up to offer innovative mapping solutions

Smart Delta and partner up to offer innovative mapping solutions

Smart Delta has entered into partnership with, combining mobile mapping experience with AI expertise. Smart Delta views this step as a powerful new opportunity to address challenges and discover innovative solutions for both Smart Delta and clients.

Smart Delta’s collaboration with opens the door to a new era of possibilities through the integration of artificial intelligence (AI) technologies., headquartered in Boston, USA, brings profound AI expertise and innovation to this partnership.

By joining forces, Smart Delta and can collectively address a wide range of issues and offer unique solutions that increase efficiency and improve decision-making. specializes in infrastructure mapping and is known for its algorithm that can be applied for a broad range of applications. These include pavement condition assessments, traffic sign inventories, detecting right-of-way assets, 360° street-view imagery, Lidar scanning of the built environment, and tree inventories.

Tailor-made mapping solutions

Smart Delta specializes in sensor fusion to provide a comprehensive understanding of environments or systems. This technology is applicable in autonomous vehicles, uncrewed aerial vehicles (UAVs or ‘drones’), military operations, surveillance systems and more. By integrating and analysing data from different sensors, companies like Smart Delta can offer valuable insights for decision-making, risk reduction and performance improvement.

Another important specialty of Smart Delta is providing cutting-edge mobile mapping systems and software solutions tailored to the needs of businesses and organizations across multiple industries. By integrating’s expertise, Smart Delta will be able to further improve the versatility of such solutions.

“This partnership is an exciting step forward for Smart Delta and our clients,” said René Bolhuis, CEO of Smart Delta. “We are thrilled to integrate’s expertise into our services, allowing us to provide even more added value to our customers.” Clients of will also benefit from this collaboration by gaining access to Smart Delta’s extensive experience and solutions. Smart Delta and are now looking forward to developing new and innovative solutions together in the future, to continue to support their clients in achieving their goals.

The SmartPano 360° camera represents one of Smart Delta's mobile mapping innovations. (Image courtesy: Smart Delta)
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