Smart LF Scanner - 16/03/2005

Colortrac (UK) has launched the Smart LF, a large-format document scanner for professional and corporate users in any size of enterprise. It uses digital imaging technology, Contact Image Sensors (CIS) normally found in small-format, flatbed desktop scanners. Several ‘deep focus’ CIS devices have been combined to create a digital scanner capable of high speed, 2,400 dpi input in 24-bit colour or black & white from originals up to 40" wide. The scanner provides instant scans from power-on, with fully automatic colour calibration, no sensor alignment and low power consumption. It is available in three models, with a range of standard and optional scan/copy software. Upgrading is feasible in situ, from monochrome to colour as well as in scan-speed. The Smart LF scanners are manufactured at the Colortrac factory near Cambridge in the UK.

Last updated: 27/02/2018