Sokkia GNSS Receivers for Latvian Forest Management - 27/07/2016

Sokkia has announced the largest forest management company in Latvia - Latvia’s State Forests (LVM) -has chosen its latest compact GNSS receivers for forest data collection. The company will use 140 Sokkia GCX2 receivers to gather GIS data for assistance in forest management. Employing more than 6000 people, LVM manages 1.63 million hectares of Latvia’s forestland.

Nauris Birkenbergs, LVM infrastructure support servicer, commented the multi-constellation and dual frequency receiver is designed to offer affordable high-quality results and is the perfect choice for these type of forestland measurements. When LVM operators are surveying felled forest areas as well as the planted forest areas, the GCX2’s high-accuracy, light weight and long battery life makes it easy for them to take accurate measurements all day.

The GCX2 receivers will also be used to assist in environmental projects such as specially protected black stork nests.

Last updated: 27/02/2018