Sokkia New SHC25 and SHC25A Data Collectors - 12/10/2010

Sokkia Corporation has added two new models to its data collector lineup to expand users' choices. The SHC25/25A weighs 11.3 oz (320g) including battery, and measures 3.23 x 5.75 x 1.30 in. (82 x 146 x 33mm). The SHC25 series is a light and smal data collector which meets the US military standard that withstands extremely rough conditions.

Conforming to the latest MIL-STD-810G, both models have cleared the drop tests from a height of 5 ft. (1.52m). These models are also rated to IP65 of the IEC standard, eliminating powder dust and driving rain as potential problems.


"The new SHC25 series is not only an affordable choice, but also features superior portability, ruggedness and ease of use in the field," said Brice Walker, vice president of survey sales.


Each model integrates the 20-channel L1 GPS receiver that provides point positioning accuracy of 5 meters (16.4 ft.) and DGPS accuracy of 1 to 3 meters (3.3 to 9.9 ft.) using SBAS signals. In addition, the SHC25A model includes built-in 3 MP auto focus camera, electronic compass and altimeter to meet the increasing demand for GIS data collection capability.


"We have designed these new models on basis of our extensive experience in the data collector business," said Walker. "One Li-ion rechargeable battery supplies enough power for almost one day, but we focused on the field replaceable battery design that gives the maximum convenience to the users."


The SHC25 series features the Windows Mobile 6.5 operating system, 533MHz processor, and 256MB SDRAM. Sokkia's data collection software Spectrum Survey Field, as well as the construction layout software Sokkia Layout Field, fully runs on the SHC25/25A, meaning that these data collectors have abilities to control all Sokkia GPS/GNSS receivers, total stations and digital levels.


Sokkia now offers four choices. The SHC250 model features the ultra-fast 806MHz processor, while the SHC2500 offers quick data entry with a full alphanumeric keyboard.


If users prefer the compact size, lightweight or cost effectiveness, the new SHC25 is recommened. The new SHC25A satisfies GIS data collection demands in addition to the SHC25 functionality. All of the data collectors provide environmental protection, including IP65 or higher dust/water protections that ensure maximum data security.


Other features of SHC25/SHC25A include
3.5 in. VGA color touch-screen display
2GB flash memory
USB Mini-B port
SD/SDHC card slot
Bluetooth Class 2
Wireless LAN
SiRFstarIII Chipset for L1 GPS signal tracking.


The SHC25 and SHC25A data collectors are available now through authorized Sokkia distributors.

Last updated: 27/02/2020