Sony advances mapping technology with new toolkit

Sony advances mapping technology with new toolkit

Sony recently unveiled its Camera Remote Toolkit, a major advancement in its commitment to helping developers and creators to design bespoke applications tailored to industrial needs. This new toolkit aims to enhance the accessibility of cameras and imaging technology for customized workflows and applications.

The geospatial industry is a prime example of an industry where the latest image sensor technologies are crucial across various applications. Full-frame, high-resolution cameras in lightweight packages provide the ideal solution for scanning environments and delivering the detailed images and data needed by GIS professionals. These cameras allow uncrewed aerial vehicles (UAVs or ‘drones’) to remain aerodynamic and maintain flight capabilities without significantly draining onboard batteries, enabling longer and more efficient flights. Paired with a compatible Software Development Kit (SDK) for autonomous image processing, surveying and mapping businesses can gain a competitive edge through advanced, cost-effective and efficient mapping technology.

Accelerating autonomous mapping

Sony already is a trusted partner for numerous drone manufacturers and operators due to its range of models catering to different applications and budgets, along with an impressive lens lineup and a highly configurable SDK. Auterion, an Austrian company specialized in the adoption of autonomous robotics, has worked with Sony to realize a competitive advantage by making use of cameras such as the Alpha 7R IV, Alpha 7C and Alpha 9 IIs. The SDK means that drone manufacturers only need to integrate Sony’s cameras within Auterion’s open-source platform once, and don’t need to write a single line of code.  

“The integration with Sony was incredibly smooth and straightforward, while the technical development experience, including the support, testing and provision of documentation, was excellent. It enriches our portfolio of solutions and enables flexible and scalable drone system development through open standards and an open-source ecosystem,” said Lorenz Meier, CEO of Auterion, about the collaboration between both companies.

Christie Patel, European marketing lead, Digital Imaging Business Solutions at Sony Europe, stated: “We are empowering geomatics professionals to exploit the full potential of image sensor technologies in the sector and apply the combined functionality of the latest hardware and software for ever more demanding use cases. By sharing Camera Remote Command, as well as releasing a new version of our SDK, we are enabling the sector to operate different brands of camera products as conveniently as possible, using a single software application, or applying existing software to Sony digital cameras.”

Sony ILX-LR1 camera system integrated into Auterion's payload ecosystem. (Image courtesy: Auterion)
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