SP Technology for Precise Dozer Grading - 14/09/2010

Leica Geosystems releases its new technology for bulldozers to improve the way contractors move dirt and fine-grade. By using inertial guidance with responsive hydraulic control, GPS performance is enhanced. Machines equipped with SP technology reduce the need for rework and increase machine uptime during poor GPS/GLONASS coverage or temporary interruptions of correction signals. This allows for consistent and precise grading even under the most difficult conditions.

SP technology provides improved hydraulic control that allows faster grading with outstanding smoothness and precision at high speeds, increasing machine utilisation and productivity. Bulldozers can now take on even more fine grading jobs, completing work with less heavy equipment on site and helping contractors to finish their projects ahead of schedule and under budget.

SP technology is an available upgrade or option to the Leica PowerGrade platform. Along with the PowerSnap concept, which allows easy and quick exchange of machine control panels, customers have flexibility and speed. Contractors can upgrade from the 2D panel to a 3D panel as the job demands or easily move panels between sites rather than losing time and money transporting machines. The cable-free snap-on/snap-off helps operators to work efficiently, and now with SP technology this work is faster than ever before starting with the very first inch.

All dozers equipped with Leica PowerGrade and GPS can be easily updated to get the full benefit of the unique SP technology. No additional complexity is added compared to a regular control system in regards to installation or operator usage. A simple sensor swap, upgrade of software, and recalibration of the machine and SP technology is ready to go.

Last updated: 27/02/2020