SPECIM Launches Full Spectrum Sensor at Intergeo - 14/10/2014

SPECIM, a leading manufacturer of hyperspectral imaging instruments and systems, introduced AisaFENIX 1K, a full spectrum sensor that cuts the costs of hyperspectral data capture, at Intergeo 2014 in Berlin, Germany. The full spectrum hyperspectral sensor with 1,024 spatial pixels produces readily co-registered VNIR and SWIR data and is developed to take the productivity of hyperspectral imaging to a new level.

The sensor is able to produce the same high-quality full spectrum hyperspectral data as its forerunner, AisaFENIX and, at the same time, to reduce the flight costs by 60%, because less flight lines are required. 

Petri Nygrén, navigator and SPECIM’s sales manager explained that covering a 10 km2 square at 1m GSD, 30% sidelap, 120 kts ground speed and 3 minute turns required 3 hours 46 minutes with the previous model of AisaFENIX. With the AisaFENIX 1K, this time is reduced to 1 hour 29 minutes, 40% of the previous. Exactly half of this time is spent in turns, so reduction in the money spent for flying is even more pronounced if the form of the area or gyro stabilisation allows planning for less flight lines.

AisaFENIX 1K is recognised as a good solution for various remote sensing applications such as environmental monitoring, forestry, vegetation mapping, geology, law enforcement and defence.

Last updated: 05/07/2020