Spirent / SGS Wireless - 22/10/2008

Spirent Communications(CA, USA) and SGS Wireless (UK) have signed an agreement to provide validation and testing services on the Spirent UMTS Location Test System (ULTS) at the SGS Wireless laboratory in Cambridge, UK.

Under this agreement SGS will provide Spirent with validation services to ensure that the Spirent ULTS stays at the cutting edge of Assisted-GPS (A-GPS) testing capability. This will ensure that the Spirent ULTS test case coverage continues to expand and address the industry's future testing needs. In addition, SGS will use the world-leading Spirent ULTS to provide A-GPS testing services to the cellular handset industry.


SGS will provide on-going validation services for existing PCS Type Certification Review Board (PTCRB) and Global Certification Forum (GCF) certified test cases, as well as for new test cases for the forthcoming OMA Secure User Plane Location (SUPL) Version 2.0 Enabler Test Specification. PTCRB certification is required for A-GPS-enabled products sold into the North American market. GCF certification is needed before many network operators outside North America will consider a product for deployment on their networks.


SGS will use the Spirent ULTS to provide A-GPS certification and other testing for its many cellular handset and network operator customers. The Spirent test system allows the full range of RF and signalling conformance test cases required by the GCF and the PTCRB to be run using a single platform.


Last updated: 27/09/2020