Stara’s Newest Self-Propelled Sprayer - 17/06/2009

Hemisphere GPS and Stara S.A. Industria de Implementos Agricolas, one of the world’s largest agricultural implement manufacturers, announced today the launch of Stara’s newest self-propelled sprayer, Gladiador, which comes standard equipped with Hemisphere GPS precision agriculture guidance, automated steering and boom control technology.

By combining the Outback Guidance products from Hemisphere GPS with Stara implement innovation, the new Gladiador sprayers have achieved an unprecedented level of work autonomy. Gladiador sprayers use the Outback S3 guidance system to provide precision guidance and a wide array of job management options. The Outback eDrive TC GPS assisted steering system automatically steers the sprayer, eliminating driver error and providing uniform treatments. In addition, Outback AutoMate allows the operator to independently control various sections of Gladiador’s massive 27 metre boom to dramatically reduce skips and overlaps and to reduce application waste. Also, available as an option to the customer is the Outback BaselineX RTK system which offers base station support for higher accuracy positioning. 

Last updated: 23/09/2020