Supergeo and GPS.PL Offer Mobile GIS Solution - 25/03/2014

Supergeo Technologies, specialised in complete GIS software and solutions, has announced a successful collaboration with GPS.PL. The two companies offer an iOS-powered mobile GIS turnkey solution, named 3R-SuperSurv, for Polish and European users.

GPS.PL has nearly 2 decades of experience in the field of GNSS and INS, covering diverse areas like sea, air, farming, forestry, ecology, and defence, field survey, etc. The provision of GPS.PL includes professional consulting, training, technical support, and various hardware products. Its clientele base is mainly in Poland but also extends to the neighbouring countries.  

The turnkey solution, 3R-SuperSurv, integrates GIS and GPS technologies, allowing users to efficiently collect GIS data, record the coordinates, display map, conduct on-screen query and measurement with their iPad. Furthermore, with the specially made three-layer shell protection, local users are empowered to utilise the rugged product for extensive applications.

The collaboration not only shows the internalisation and localisation of SuperGIS software in global markets, but also extends the marketing channels of SuperGIS series software to more European countries. These two companies will provide more mobile solutions for local users in near future.

Last updated: 13/12/2019