SuperGeo Establishes Partnership to Serve Hispanic Market - 29/11/2012

SuperGeo Technologies has declared that Zatoca Connect is authorised to promote SuperGIS mapping software and solutions to the Hispanic online GIS market. With hands-on experience of maintaining various technical and GIS websites such as geofumadas, the company aims to help Spanish-speaking users overcome their spatial issues around the world.

Based in Honduras, Zatoca Connect has worked in the diffusion of technological solutions and application of knowledge in the area of geoengineering, helping users implement proper solutions by leveraging GIS technologies. Established by geospatial and engineering specialists, the company is capable of conducting product reviews for GIS software and providing online purchase service and publications in the Hispanic industry.  

Serving as a professional provider of GIS websites, Zatoca Connect plans to attract new users by sharing complete and unbiased product reviews professionally. In addition, Zatoca Connect will assist SuperGeo in localising products as well as documentation; hence, clients can greatly benefit from easily accessible product information, support and services.

Taking the opportunity of establishing the business partnership with Zatoca Connect, SuperGeo is ready to serve the superior SuperGIS software and consulting service to fulfill the growing demands for varied geo-applications in the online Hispanic market, making clients’ businesses more valuable and competitive in the global market. 

Last updated: 30/05/2020