Supergeo Extends Partnership with Helix - 22/04/2014

Supergeo Technologies, a leading global provider of GIS software and solutions, has announced its renewed partnership with Helix, Italy, for assisting more Italian and European users in professional GIS applications.

Helix has provided professional GIS solutions for almost a decade. Its service range crosses various areas, including civil protection safety, land management, geospatial consulting and training. In addition to local government users, Helix also provides private companies and public administration, such as University of Camerino and ASA, with comprehensive solutions.

As the Platinum partner of Supergeo, Helix has helped to expand Superego’s coverage to whole Italy since 2011. The abundant functions of SuperGIS software can not only perfectly fulfill the huge data processing demand, but also provide users with friendly interface to save time and make efficient spatial decisions.

With the renewed partnership, Supergeo aims to keep working on a better and more accurate geospatial data service for Italian and other European users. 

Last updated: 14/12/2019