SuperGIS Assists Economic Planning in South Africa - 03/09/2014

Supergeo Technologies, the GIS software and solution provider, has announced that Mangaung Metro Municipality (MMM), South Africa, utilises SuperGIS Desktop and SuperSurv to evolve the city's economic development. The Planning and GIS Department of MMM is mainly responsible for stimulating integrated and sustainable economic development, and improving financial, tourism and human resource management with geospatial services to advance effective long-term planning.

The department staff uses SuperSurv, the GIS data collection app designed for both iOS and Android platforms, to update, edit and manage GIS layers on site with their smart devices. SuperSurv empowers surveyors to customise the needed attributes and take photos or videos with coordinate information to record the real situation, like local business operating status or tourist attraction facilities, to get timely and accurate field information.


On-site staff can save the collected data in SHP or GEO and seamlessly share with the department officers to conduct geoprocessing on SuperGIS Desktop, so that the up-to-date developing information and analysis results can be visualised on map for better understanding to plan the city blueprint.

With both desktop and mobile GIS technologies, the officers and surveyors can smoothly work together and support each other. As a result, the city planning and economic development can be benefited by the cross-platform GIS solution.


Supergeo is going to hold a GIS webinar at no cost for demonstrating GIS workflow and solutions from field to office.

SuperGIS Webinar: Bring Field to Office with Smart Devices

A free trial of SuperGIS Desktop and SuperSurv for your GIS integration can be downloaded here:

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