SuperGIS Network Analyst 3 - 16/01/2012

SuperGIS Network Analyst 3 has been developed as an analysis tool for the control, simulation, design and planning of various network conditions. Apart from finding the shortest path, it also comprises closest facilities, service area, vehicle routing problems and location analysis, etc. Most of the functions are based on or modified by route planning which plays a vital role in network analysis.



In addition, network data is indispensable in performing route planning. In SuperGIS Network Analyst 3, the connectivity information between segments is recorded in a NTN file and the attribute data of all segments, such as road length, weight, and road name, is saved in a NRT file. All the information mentioned above must be ready before starting network analysis so that users can manipulate route planning and receive the result smoothly.


Using SuperGIS Network Analyst 3, users can easily use GIS data to build the network without difficulty and apply analysis results to a wide range of applications, such as logistic, health care, public safety, emergency response, etc. The brand new SuperGIS Network Analyst 3 is scheduled to be launched by end of February 2012.

Last updated: 19/10/2017