SuperMap GIS 10i Released at 2020 GIS Software Technology Conference

SuperMap GIS 10i Released at 2020 GIS Software Technology Conference

The 2020 GIS Software Technology Conference (GTC 2020) was successfully held from 7 to 18 September 2020. Themed ‘Geo-intelligence Connecting the Future’, the conference focused on the integration and innovation of geographic information technology and the latest developments in GIS software. At the conference, SuperMap officially released its new product – SuperMap GIS 10i – (2020) and announced its strategic cooperation with Tencent Map.

SuperMap, founded in 1997 in Beijing, currently has the third largest share in the global geographic information system (GIS) market, and the largest share in the Asian GIS market. The company focuses with its GIS platform software and solutions on various industries, such as smart cities, land management, real estate, urban planning and pipeline management.

Dr Song Guanfu, CEO of SuperMap Group, gave a report on ‘An Exploration of Distributed GIS and Geo-Blockchain Technologies’ during the conference. He introduced the distributed GIS technology system and the latest geo-blockchain developments in his company. He also introduced the new software, which incorporates five technology systems: Big Data GIS, artificial intelligence GIS, 3D GIS, distributed GIS, and cross-platform GIS technology.

The move from centralized GIS to distributed GIS was made because GIS software is facing huge challenges in its storage, processing and analysis. Dr Song believes that the history of the development of GIS software technology represents a constant fight against the expansion of spatial data. In response, SuperMap has successively explored high-performance computing technologies such as 64-bit computing, multi-threaded computing and GPU computing, to meet the ever-increasing demand for spatial data processing.

Strategic Cooperation between SuperMap and Tencent

Tencent Maps offers satellite imagery, street maps, street view, historical view perspectives and other functions. The company will open up its basic map data, location big data and LBS service capabilities to cooperate with SuperMap software in fields that include digital government, smart cities and online map services. Thus, SuperMap and Tencent will integrate high-quality resources, carry out market and project cooperation, and deepen the application of geo-intelligence. The cooperation in products will accelerate the integration of internet map services and GIS software.

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