SuperSurv 3.2 for iOS Supports Cloud Storage - 05/06/2014

SuperSurv 3.2 for iOS, the newest mobile GIS app released by Supergeo, enables users to import data through a cloud-based hard drive and supports more local coordinate systems in the USA, thus providing iOS users with a powerful and comprehensive GIS app.

SuperSurv is a GIS app designed for field data collection. It perfectly integrates GIS and GPS technologies to provide functions like map display, query, measure and editing for point, line and polygon data. The comprehensive spatial data collecting and query functions are developed for huge numbers of iOS users.

The updated SuperSurv 3.2 for iOS now supports data import via a cloud-based hard drive, eg. Dropbox, for users to easily import layers, waypoints, cache maps, etc., and utilise spatial data for further GIS applications after field work. In addition, SuperSurv 3.2 also provides more USA local coordinate systems and improves the accuracy of snapping function to assist users in precise mapping.

SuperSurv 3.2 is also available on Android system. It assists users in collecting spatial and attribute data, but also offers practical functionalities like attribute query, tracklog recording and display, adding Waypoint, etc. Field surveyors may also enjoy the convenience of smart technologies during field work.

Last updated: 14/12/2019