Surveying with Android OS

SuperGeo Technologies, Taiwan, has unveiled its mobile survey application for Android OS, SuperSurv 3.0 (beta). Surveyors can install the free trial to Android devices for convenient data collection and measuring tasks. The software integrates GIS and GPS technologies to support global coordinate systems. Field users can collect, display, measure and manipulate GIS data using the Android OS interface.


SuperGeo focuses on creating user-centred design to meet different demands. SuperSurv 3 is designed with five powerful features to help users capture data efficiently and effectively:
1. Utilise GPS signal and freehand drawing tool for data survey
2. Apply time interval setting for automatic data collection
3. Create customised forms easily per user demand
4. Edit features quickly with multi-functional editing tools
5. Collect SHP and GEO files swiftly by easy layer switch setting


The main functionality of SuperSurv 3 includes data collection, layer management, waypoint orientation, map query and measurement.


Supported file formats include:

  • Point, line and polygon data collection: GEO, SHP

  • Raster map: SGT

  • Track: SHP, KML

  • Waypoints: TXT, CSV, KML

  • System requires: Android 2.3