Swiss AGCO Distributor for Mojo - 17/07/2009

Leica Geosystems has entered into a partnership with the Swiss AGCO master distributor, GVS Agrar AG. In the future GVS Agrar will distribute automatic GPS auto-steer guidance systems from Leica Geosystems to the Swiss agricultural market.



Leica Geosystems offers GPS auto-steer guidance systems with different levels of accuracy for the agricultural sector. The entry level model - Leica mojoGLIDE - is a dual frequency auto-steer system providing 15 to 25 cm pass-to-pass accuracy without the use of a base station or network connection. For more precise requirements the mojoGLIDE can be simply upgraded to RTK accuracy. There are no additional radio modems or antennas required.


The innovative remote service and support diagnostics tool Leica Virtual Wrench is available to all Leica mojo auto-steer solutions. At request Leica Geosystems authorized technicians can view and adjust settings, look at the field terrain and base station location, update latest software and ultimately diagnose and repair more than 80% of issues occurring during field work.


Introduction of new products at the GVS demonstration week from 23rd - 29th August 2009

In August 2009, customers will have the chance to experience the Leica Geosystems GPS auto-steer systems at the GVS Agrar ‘Tour de Suisse' held at various venues in Switzerland. The Leica mojoRTK guidance system and QuickSteer motor are installed on the tractors for live demonstrations.

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