Sygic and Tele Atlas Power McGuider 2009 - 03/12/2008

Mobile navigation software provider Sygic and Tele Atlas, a leading global provider of digital maps and dynamic content for navigation and location-based solutions, have announced the availability of McGuider Europe 2009, the next generation of the popular software that turns users’ mobile devices into powerful navigation systems.


McGuider 2009 features a 4GB memory card to convert PDAs and smartphones using Windows Mobile or Symbian systems into fully functioning navigation devices. The new release includes enhanced navigation content and features to enrich the user experience such as safety cameras data, multilingual support for major cities and McGuider Assistant, which enables easy downloads for fresh content. The new, larger micro SD card will also deliver 2GB of free space for photos, music and videos.

Designed to help mobile phone users easily leverage their devices as powerful navigation systems, McGuider installs quickly and automatically. It delivers a simple, intuitive, touch screen or keyboard operation, based on the latest Sygic software, as well as clear graphics, fast refresh and detailed guidance including lane assistance and dynamic signpost indications. McGuider Europe 2009 features comprehensive Tele Atlas digital maps and content such as millions of points of interest (POIs) in all western European countries, including Scandinavia and Malta, and expanded coverage of Eastern Europe. Maps of Russia and North America for global travelers will be available soon.

At a suggested retail price of €79, McGuider is an affordable and easy solution to carry a personal navigation device at all times. Devices pre-equipped with a GPS receiver can leverage the McGuider solution to instantly add the new functionality with little need for user intervention; for other devices, the addition of a Bluetooth-enabled GPS detector enables this functionality. Users are empowered with a full scope of navigation features and content at their fingertips, including:

Alerts when a user crosses international borders and instant delivery of key country information such as speed limits, currency and time zones;
Over 70 categories of POI information reaching well beyond the conventional lists of hotels and restaurants to include amusements parks and beaches, mountain peaks, tourist information centers and more;
Tailored navigation options for drivers, cyclists and pedestrians;
Voice guidance in 20 languages.

McGuider products are also available for mobile devices users in North America and Taiwan (coverage for China, Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan). McGuider Europe is the first joint Tele Atlas–Sygic end-user product tested according to the procedures certified by TÜV SÜD. The launch of McGuider Europe 2009 strengthens the portfolio of products that leverage Tele Atlas digital maps and content to all western European countries.

Last updated: 21/10/2020