Tele Atlas Launches MultiNav Digital Map Database - 12/06/2008

Tele Atlas (MA, USA) has unveiled Tele Atlas MultiNav, the company's newest digital map platform that is designed to allow navigation application developers even greater speed and flexibility for building next generation mapping applications. MultiNav features all of the benefits of Tele Atlas' rich digital map database, delivered with a smaller data footprint to help decrease time-to-market, enable developers spend less time in the development process and allow a smaller run-time format for their innovative applications for a competitive advantage. Tele Atlas' comprehensive map content spans across 27.2 million kilometres in more than 70 countries, to the front doors of 1.9 billion people around the world.

Developed with Tele Atlas' comprehensive and advanced data collection processes, MultiNav is available immediately to offer partners broad, comprehensive worldwide coverage. Developers can leverage the MulitNav platform in concert with Tele Atlas's suite of digital map content and enhancements products, including millions of points of interest (POIs), Tele Atlas Digital Elevation Models, Tele Atlas 3D Landmarks and Tele Atlas Voice Maps. Tele Atlas plans to incorporate additional innovative functionality and content into the new MultiNav platform, including map data enriched with qualified community content.

MultiNav offers:

-   Optimised data structure to enable developers to compile data faster and more easily;

-   Reduced data footprint to optimize device cost and efficiency, with superb results seen across European, North American and Asia Pacific maps;

-   A single global data specification with out-of-the-box indexing to incorporate a single global map solution.

Pilot user Sygic, a GPS navigation software provider for a range of mobile devices and smartphones, began working with Tele Atlas MultiNav in late 2007 to develop the next version of its software for OEMs, distributors, car manufacturers and logistics companies.

Reports from pilot users have shown that the streamlined MultiNav platform helps developers to:

-   Compile digital map data faster and more easily. One trial user noted complete data compilation at the application level within one week, marking a major reduction in compilation time;

-   Leverage existing data compilers to process the data successfully, with minimal configuration effort required.

-   Significantly reduce data size, with a reported reduction of approximately 30-40 percent in the overall data footprint on devices; for example Tele Atlas digital map data for all available European countries can fit on SD cards with less than 2 gigabytes of memory - with full functionality and quality included.


Last updated: 24/10/2020