Teledyne Optech Completes Leadership Transition - 09/12/2015

Teledyne Optech has completed its transition in leadership. Michel Stanier now serves as chief operating officer of the company.

Founded in 1974 by Dr Allan Carswell, Teledyne Optech is a leader in advanced laser-based survey and digital imaging instrumentation. Teledyne Technologies first acquired shares in the parent company of Optech in March 2011, and Teledyne purchased the remaining shares in April 2015. In addition, Michel Stanier, previously EVP, business development, was appointed chief operating officer of Teledyne Optech in October 2015. Following the planned change in ownership and leadership, Don and Elizabeth Carswell, previously president and vice president sales, will retire from day-to-day operations.

With the transition of full ownership to Teledyne, as well as with an outstanding team of engineers and managers, Teledyne Optech continues with strong leadership, ample financial support and extensive technical capabilities, said Don Carswell, president of Teledyne Optech. Allan, Elizabeth and Don will continue to be available as resources to Teledyne Optech, but they are pleased to leave the company in very strong hands, he stated.

Last updated: 27/11/2020