Teledyne Optech’s 2015 Imaging & Lidar Solutions Conference Concludes - 25/06/2015

Teledyne Optech has been looking back on a successful 2015 Imaging and Lidar Solutions Conference (ILSC) which concluded on Friday, 12 June. Visitors from across the globe came together in Toronto, Canada, to share ideas, learn about Teledyne Optech technology and hear keynote speeches on rocket science and UAV challenges from Dr Mark Whorton and Lewis Graham.

The ILSC 2015 presentations offered insight into best practices and innovative applications leveraged by Teledyne Optech sensors. Industry leaders Applanix, Terrasolid, Certainty 3D, Gexcel, Merrick and Orbit GT gave workshops showcasing their latest developments, while Applied Imagery, Blue Marble, geo-konzept, ITRES and SOMAG AG Jena presented case studies. Attendants gained a lot from the conference with great interaction with key Optech personnel and other users, said Steve Laming, managing director of Aerial Surveys in New Zealand. There is certainly enhanced benefit with more users at the conference.


ILSC 2015 introduced attendees to several recent technologies, such as the Optech Cavity Monitoring System (CMS) V500 with its integrated camera, details about how the impossible was solved to create the Optech Galaxy and its PulseTRAK technology with a continuous operating envelope, and information about combining Optech ILRIS and Optech Lynx with other sensors, including the new UAV or a Teledyne RESON sonar. Lynx users were introduced to new capabilities to improve efficiencies for the execution of high-accuracy projects and the improved utilisation of control networks, while airborne users learned of new efficiencies and a deep integration of camera and Lidar workflows into Teledyne Optech’s airborne platforms. Attendees also previewed the next generations of Optech Flight Management Suite (FMS) and Optech Lidar Mapping Suite (LMS), and provided input on the features they would like to see. Finally, the new Optech CZMIL Nova and its highly successful rental programme also attracted great interest, with recent results revealing unprecedented turbid water performance beyond initial expectations and exceeding other bathymetric sensors on the market.

Don Carswell, president of Teledyne Optech, said that they were quite excited by the response to the Optech Titan multispectral Lidar and the novel ideas for using it in asset classification, forest and environment mapping, and tree species identification. He was particularly proud to present their 'solutions to the impossible' alongside presentations from industry leaders and respected researchers.

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