TerraImaging and Aerodata Surveys Join Forces - 01/03/2013

Two years ago, Aerodata International Surveys started a close co-operation with TerraImaging via a majority shareholding in the company. Together both companies have realised many Lidar projects in various countries in Europe and in other places in the world. To achieve their ambitions, both companies have decided to change their names as per 1 March 2013 to Aerodata Surveys Nederland and Aerodata Surveys Deutschland.

The AHN project in The Netherlands, mapping rivers for IGN in France, and Lidar projects in Germany and Columbia are just some examples of the Lidar projects carried out by both companies.

The demands to supply solutions based on a combination and integration of technologies is clearly growing. For the Malta Environment & Planning Authority a combined topographic and bathymetric survey was performed. The resulting 3D model covers both the islands and the ocean floor. A range of innovative technologies were combined: airborne topographic and bathymetric Lidar, vertical and oblique imagery and vessel bathymetry.

Aerodata Surveys Nederland and Deutschland aim to continue to be the international centre for Lidar technology within the Aerodata Group. From their Dutch and German offices, they will continue to be a professional partner and offer laser scanning products and services on the international market.

On the Dutch market, Aerodata will replace the existing Aerodata office and offer in addition to its current products and services all other Aerodata products from the office in Utrecht. Meanwhile, the office in Berlin will also offer all additional Aerodata products.

Aerodata will further extend its product portfolio with knowledge intensive services, often in close co-operation with partners. Solar potential analysis, flash flood mapping, change detection, 3D city models and 'surveying behind your desk' are some examples. The company will implement new technologies like Lidar bathymetry and others.  

Last updated: 04/12/2020