TerraPos Post-processing Software - 08/12/2006

The Norwegian company Terratec has introduced software capable of accurate positioning based on post-processing of GPS-observations, without the use of reference stations or DGPS services. Typical accuracy for kinematic applications are 3cm horizontally and 4cm vertically (RMS). This level of accuracy makes the software unique worldwide.

TerraPos utilises precise orbits and clock corrections for the satellites, together with advanced error modelling to produce positions with impressing accuracy. Typpical RMS for a kinematic survey is 3cm horizontally and 4cm vertically. The result is an excellent tool for positioning in applications allowing for post-processing, such as airborne photogrammetric or Lidar operations, seabed mapping, or seismic surveying.

The development started several years ago at the Norwegian University of Life Sciences (UMB), and has continued as a cooperation between UMB and Terratec AS. Having its origin in an academic environment has provided TerraPos a base on highly optimised algorithms and error modelling, but TerraPos has been completely re-programmed with the market introduction in mind. The result is user-friendly and stable software, with remarkable performance.

The Norwegian Hydrographic Service has also been an important partner, and is now already using TerraPos in their production of the official Norwegian sea-charts.

Terratec has used TerraPos for their own aerial operations for almost one year already, and has saved both time and money. There is no need to provide reference stations at the ground, or making passes over them to initialise GPS/INS.

Last updated: 27/11/2020