TerraSAR-X Data and Solutions for Geospatial Community - 17/09/2010

ERDAS is to collaborate with Infoterra to develop operational applications for TerraSAR-X radar satellite imagery and strengthen the knowledge of SAR data analysis within the user community. The companies plan to work together to rationalise the plethora of data into clearly-defined application scenarios. A key component of this transition is dedicated software that enables the problem solver to extract the needed information from the imagery without deep domain knowledge.

New sensors like TerraSAR-X offer high spatial resolution, excellent geometric accuracies, short revisit times and a variety of polarizations and imaging modes. At the same time, innovative techniques have been developed to extract and process information from radar data.

Radar data is consequently making a rapid transition from research and development applications to solving real-world problems. Experts at intelligence and military agencies, state and local governments, civil organisations, crisis response organizations and non-governmental organisations will easily be able to transform TerraSAR-X imagery into timely, relevant and accurate geoinformation.

The new agreement is effective immediately and includes the creation of dedicated training material for ERDAS users. There also will be joint evaluation of existing tools and potentials with regard to stereometric and interferometric data sets.

Last updated: 30/09/2020