Terrestrial Laser Scanning User Meeting - 12/04/2010

Optech is to organise its fifth International Terrestrial Laser Scanning User Meeting on 8th and 9th June 2010 in Prague, Czech Republic. Optech clients and expert users of static and mobile land-based scanning technologies will share their experiences and suggestions for best-practice implementation in an increasingly dynamic market. Presentation topics will include monitoring natural hazards and man-made structures, techniques for efficiently mapping large natural and urban landscapes, modeling inaccessible features, and analysing lidar data sets.

"There has been a dramatic shift in surveying techniques in the past three years. This has been brought on by the introduction of cost-effective survey-grade mobile mapping systems. The way we use traditional survey methods has changed due to the advent of tripod-mounted terrestrial scanners, which were disruptive technology just seven years ago but have now been accepted into the mainstream," says Brent Gelhar, Optech Vice President of Sales and Strategy. "In this meeting we hope to help our clients and the international survey community better understand and embrace this rapid confluence of traditional, three-dimensional, mobile and even airborne survey technologies."

Optech hosts regular user events for its clients and representatives in terrestrial and airborne mapping. These events disseminate useful information and techniques. In addition, by listening to its clients, Optech ensures that its leading-edge technology is focused on real-world mapping and surveying needs.

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