Tersus Makes Strides in Surveying with David GNSS Receiver

Tersus GNSS, a leading provider of centimetre-accuracy GNSS RTK solutions, is taking surveying applications to the next level with the global launch of Tersus David, a GNSS receiver. For surveyors, the David receiver and the components create an affordable solution delivering higher-precision signal reception, integrated in a smaller and lighter package.

The David GNSS receiver supports GPS L1/L2, GLONASS G1/G2 and BeiDou B1/B2. With this GNSS receiver, users can take full advantage of common platforms such as smartphones, tablets or traditional handheld modules to collect data. Coupled with an external antenna, survey app and post-processing software, the David GNSS receiver is a low-cost solution for all survey applications, including real-time RTK positioning and data collection for PPK. A 4GB onboard EMMC card makes it easy to save data for post-processing. The compact size, IP67-rated enclosure and versatile accessories alleviate most of the inconveniences encountered in field work.

Xiaohua Wen, founder & CEO of Tersus, comments: “Market insights inform our innovation strategies. Will surveyors who equip with latest-generation tools gain competitive advantages? The launch of the David GNSS receiver marks a major step forward for Tersus as well as for surveying professionals. The David is a cost-efficient and palm-sized GNSS receiver. Tersus is constantly working to make each surveying task easier and more productive by providing high-quality GNSS RTK surveying equipment. Our focus is on enabling surveying professionals to make data collection more convenient, post (data collection) processing more accurate, and better equipping them to do surveying in the field.”