Tersus Wins Large Order for GNSS Receivers in Nigeria

Tersus Wins Large Order for GNSS Receivers in Nigeria

Tersus GNSS has been awarded a major order for 185 Oscar GNSS receivers in Nigeria. This order will further strengthen the position of Tersus in Africa. Tersus has also been officially endorsed by the Nigeria Institute of Surveyors (NIS). Founded in 1934, NIS is one of the oldest organized bodies in Nigeria as well as the umbrella professional organization for all surveyors in Nigeria, whether in private practice, government or academia.

Tersus has developed the Oscar GNSS receiver based on its own in-house technology, including its patented ExtremeRTK technology. This makes Oscar immune to magnetic disturbances and calibration-free. As the latest GNSS RTK system from Tersus, Oscar provides surveyors with unprecedented flexibility and efficiency. For example, users no longer need to hold the survey pole upright or check the bubbles. Furthermore, Oscar provides tilt compensation accuracy of <2cm.

With its commitment to R&D and fully independent approach to technology, Tersus GNSS has a well-established reputation for affordable, centimetre-precision GNSS solutions. The company’s products are popular among users in over 80 countries. Over the past eight years, Tersus GNSS has developed cutting-edge expertise, a comprehensive portfolio and strong market performance. The firm is building on these significant achievements in the global market by continuing to widen its presence and influence, including by expanding its worldwide dealer network.

Infusing new geospatial technologies

The award of this latest order in Nigeria coincides with the official endorsement of Tersus by the Nigeria Institute of Surveyors (NIS). To remain relevant in the built environment sector, NIS is keen to infuse new technologies in every aspect of its practice in the country. In a speech in Abuja, Dr Kayode Oluwamotemi – the newly appointed president of NIS – expressed his intention to ensure that all necessary mechanisms would be put in place so that Nigeria’s surveyors, geomatics and spatial information managers could prosper and support the country’s governmental policies and programmes. He also committed to the monitoring of infrastructure, such as dams, bridges and roads, as well as supporting the introduction of a relevant law.

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