The Economic Value of Spatially Enabled Services in Finland - 05/12/2018

Spatineo has conducted a metastudy on the economical value of spatially enabled services in Finland and the impact of the soon-to-be-finished national geospatial platform on that value. This study is a meta-analysis of international and Finnish studies in which the economic impacts of the use of spatial data have been analysed. It introduces results from international studies as well as their application to Finnish conditions.

Only about 22% of the annual potential economic benefits from the use of spatial data has been realised in Finland. The annual economic benefits are about EUR 13 billion but only about EUR 3 billion of the potential has so far been realised. The estimated value of the direct economic benefits of the Geospatial Platform is about EUR 150 million and indirect benefits about EUR 400 million, totally EUR 550 million per annum starting in 2025 when the services of the platform are operating in full extent.

Built environment

This study focused on four ecosystems: Bioeconomy, Built environment, Health and social services and Traffic. The biggest potential, EUR 5.9 billion, exists in the built environment because the value of the business is huge and spatial data and technologies can be used in almost all business sectors both in public-sector and private companies.

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Last updated: 13/12/2018