The 'GIM International' Survey among Geospatial Professionals - 24/12/2019

'GIM International' is once again conducting its annual survey among geospatial surveying professionals around the world to explore the sector’s wants and needs. The findings will be published in an in-depth article in the upcoming edition of the 'GIM International Business Guide 2020'.

Which methods, equipment and technologies are being used to capture geodata and convert it into optimal end products? What should developers of hardware and software bear in mind in order to keep users happy? What are the key bottlenecks, and where can further improvements be made?

Your input is extremely important to help us gain a true picture of the current state of the industry. Please spare a few minutes of your time to complete our survey. Many thanks!

Begin the Geospatial Professionals Survey here.

Last updated: 23/01/2021