The Profession of Surveying: A Changing One? - 01/03/2018

One noteworthy finding that can be distilled from the recent readers' survey held by 'GIM International' is the changing nature of the surveying role. A surveyor's work is shifting away from ‘boots on the ground’, as increasing automation and the growing influence of robotics require surveyors to increasingly develop their ‘soft skills’ to survive; they are becoming mediators, advisors and consultants rather than ‘just’ operators of technology. To cite one of the respondents: “With the enabling technology from robotics and AI, strong standardisation, certification and quality assurance which leverage geomatics as a technology rather than an independent profession, geomatics might become an integral part of services and solutions while it is losing its base as an independent discipline.”

Based on the outcomes of the survey, our content manager Wim van Wegen has written an article titled 'The Future Looks Bright for the Geospatial Business'. An optimistic name for a story, and there is every reason for that. The article zooms in on the chances of today's geospatial landscape and provides insights into the needs, wants and demands of the widening customer base related to geomatics and all its verticals. Read the full story here and get a good impression of what's going on in the surveying and mapping profession.

Last updated: 23/09/2020