Time Saved by CAD Conversion

Time Saved by CAD Conversion

Safe Software has enabled the City of Santa Rosa (US) to implement an integrated water and sewer asset management system by eliminating complex and time-consuming CAD and GIS data integration processes. Conversion tasks that typically took hours are now completed in minutes, while also helping the department to improve data quality in the process.



The City of Santa Rosa's Utility Department maintains their infrastructure information in three systems: CAD, GIS and a Computerised Maintenance Management System (CMMS). To gain better visibility into their water and sewer data assets and to make this data more readily available to other city departments, they needed a way to integrate these three disparate systems so data could be more easily exchanged.


To tackle this challenge, The City selected FME to set up an automated, repeatable CAD to GIS data conversion process. Using the high-fidelity translation workflows in FME, AutoCAD data was exported and then seamlessly transformed into the ArcGIS system while preserving data attribution throughout the process. This automated system enables the City to gain access to the most current and accurate water and sewer data, while significantly reducing the time normally spent performing cumbersome, manual conversion tasks.


Chinmaya Lewis, geographic information systems analyst at the City of Santa Rosa said that the city now has a system in place that removes the time-consuming task of manually converting the data while also preserving the original datasets.


The automated CAD, GIS and CMMS data integration process also enables the City of Santa Rosa to gain better visibility into repair and maintenance schedules.  This also helps the City minimise annual repair costs and assists with forward planning.


Organisations interested in learning more are invited to attend Safe Software's upcoming webinar "Exchanging Data Between CAD and GIS Systems with FME" on 7th April 2011 which will demonstrate how FME can be used to efficiently exchange data between CAD and GIS systems.

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