Topcon Announces the GMS-2 GIS-GPS Mapping Receiver - 10/10/2005

Topcon Europe Positioning (The Netherlands) has announces the new GMS-2 hand held GIS-GPS receiver. This instrument incorporates dual constellation satellite tracking, an electronic compass and a digital camera in one small, durable unit. Topcon's GMS-2 provides an unparalleled solution for multi-function GIS-GPS tasks in the field.

The GMS-2 features Topcon's TPSCORE GPS chip for 50 channel tracking of both GPS and GLONASS satellite systems. This technology can provide signal tracking for meter-level GIS mapping tasks or single frequency carrier tracking for high-accuracy static positioning. With an optional L1 external carrier phase antenna, the GMS-2 can be used to obtain data for post processing and accuracy within one centimetre.

Other features include a Windows CE operating system, a 625 MHz Intel processor, and a bright colour touch-screen display. Integrated Bluetooth technology enables connections to GPS CORS networks via a Bluetooth equipped cell phone. For GIS professionals, Topcon’s new TopPAD software offers the capabilities of ArcPAD for field mapping and asset management tasks. The GMS-2 can also be configured as a field controller operating with Topcon’s TopSURV software to provide communications with total stations and RTK GPS systems.

Last updated: 28/10/2020