Topcon Mobile Mapping Move - 09/05/2011


Topcon Positioning Systems (TPS) Latin American distributor Geomatic Instruments Corporation (Geincor, Peru) is now offering the IP-S2 mobile mapping system. Geincor took ownership of the system in April 2011.



The company’s business plan is two-fold: Geincor will act as a sales agent for customers wishing to purchase an IP-S2; for customers and agencies who need comprehensive 3D data, the company will provide collection services.


The dealer / service provider model will enable the company to serve a wide range of Peru's mapping needs.


“Mapping the nation's historic areas is one of our priority goals,” Nelson Meneses, company deputy director general, said. “We completed a test run in Lima's historic district and the results were impressive.” Raul Meneses is the company director general.


Rybka, who trained Geincor employees in IP-S2 installation and operation in Peru, said, “Spending a week with their staff was a very gratifying experience. The company’s staff members possessed the highest level of technical skill and professionalism.”


Last updated: 31/03/2020