Topcon Technology Utilized to Build a House in the Shape of a Spitfire Engine - 21/01/2019

The opportunity to build a house in the shape of a Spitfire engine doesn’t come around often. So, when this once-in-a-lifetime invitation presented itself, Shane Jones, owner of Tahi Engineering, turned to Topcon Positioning for technology that could be utilized when setting out points for the complex grand-design home.

Once complete, the private development - designed by award-winning architect, Lap Chan, and built by construction company, Agilitee - will see the aptly named ‘Griffon House’ built with very few straight walls, meaning initial construction processes were far from simple.

Just over a year ago, Shane purchased the Topcon DS105 - a one-man robotic with an FC 500 data controller. With the same touchscreen technology as smartphones, this Topcon field controller is a portable device designed for all positioning and construction jobs. The controller runs with internal GPS and is compatible with all Topcon data collection software, with the option for a cellular modem to remain in constant connection to the office from dynamic project sites.

“Once the client and I were both happy with the working drawings, I got to work setting out the points using the DS105 and the Topcon MAGNET software - this combination made for a very fast and accurate way to set out the piston-engined, spoke patterned design of the building.” said Shane Jones. “Uploading files to the controller via Topcon’s MAGNET Office software was simple and effective. I could highlight the fact that changes have been made in the field then later produce a ‘stake out’ report for the client and my own records, to show and check the accuracy of the points I’ve staked.”

MAGNET software is a user interface designed to work with Topcon positioning tools. Using local Wi-Fi or cellular connectivity, all mapping or positioning tasks can be performed on a satellite image background to give teams a full visual context, allowing them to get the full picture of the project at all times and in real-time.

“On this project in particular, I have seen a big improvement in job efficiency, with Topcon helping me to increase the speed at which I can complete the setting out phase, with the tech allowing me to be much quicker processing and actioning this onsite,” added Shane.

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