Topocart and Horus support digital georeferencing project in Brazil

Topocart and Horus support digital georeferencing project in Brazil

Topocart has provided 360° terrestrial mobile mapping technology to support urban management in Brazil. The authorities of Maracanaú, a municipality in Ceará, have embarked on a comprehensive digital georeferencing project, which includes utilization of the advanced Horus CityMapper. The initiative is aimed at mapping 100% of the municipality’s territory. By leveraging innovative technology and strategic planning, Maracanaú is poised to become a model of modern urban management in Brazil, demonstrating the impactful use of digital mapping in enhancing public administration and community development.

As part of the ‘Mapa de Maracanaú’ programme, Topocart is set to capture detailed aerial and ground-level images of the municipality by the end of this year. This includes utilizing helicopters for aerial views, and specialized vehicles equipped with advanced cameras for ground imaging. The project will encompass the entire road infrastructure, environmental resources, urban greenery, landscaping, public and urban buildings, and approximately 115,000 properties within Maracanaú.

The project officially commenced in May with the intent of covering the municipality’s total area of 105.07km². By compiling a comprehensive 360° profile of Maracanaú, the initiative will provide invaluable data to guide public investments and urban planning. This will enable the creation of tailored development projects for each neighbourhood and region, enhancing the overall quality of life for residents.

Latest mobile mapping technology

Topocart’s approach employs advanced 360° terrestrial mobile mapping technology. A vehicle outfitted with a high-end sensor captures georeferenced images in all directions. These images offer a complete view of the city’s infrastructure on a granular level, enabling public officials to effectively design and implement projects for maintenance, conservation and improvement.

A key component of this project is the CityMapper mobile mapping solution, developed by Dutch company Horus. Designed with a modular approach and equipped with advanced features, the CityMapper is intended to revolutionize how mapping companies and asset managers capture and extract high-quality GIS data. This includes inventories of streets, railways and waterways, thus providing a comprehensive tool for modern urban planning and management.

Efficient public management

Topocart’s integration of modern geotechnology ensures rapid, high-quality results at competitive prices. This makes public management more efficient and responsive to the needs of Maracanaú’s population. The digital georeferencing project is set to transform how the municipality plans and executes public infrastructure and services, setting a benchmark for other regions to follow.

Horus CityMapper is designed to help mapping companies capture and extract high-quality geospatial data seamlessly. (Image courtesy: Horus View and Explore)
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