Total Stations for Construction - 21/09/2009

The Leica Builder is aimed at professionals on a construction site who need an intuitive yet innovative and powerful measuring tool. The device completes the Leica Geosystems range of construction products and is developed to increase productivity and efficiency, regardless of the user's profession: foreman, steel fitter, carpenter, utility contractor or architect. The Builder is to be used on any site for any task, without the need of any prior expert knowledge.


The Leica Builder is specially designed to meet the needs of anybody working on construction sites providing an easy-to-use operation concept. The built-in Leica PowerSite onboard software provides a simple, clear and intuitive graphical user interface. The user just has to follow a displayed step-by-step description to set out profile boards, do all kinds of layouts, calculate volumes, check as-builts, transfer heights and many other tasks. The Leica Builder is robust, it withstands wind, water, and dirt.


The entry model Leica Builder 100 is a theodolite for horizontal and vertical angle measurements. The subsequent models Leica Builder 200, 300, 400, and 500 are total stations with reflectorless and/or prism measurement capabilities, data storage via USB memory stick up to wireless communication and much more useful functionality. All instruments are equipped with a theft protection and support many different languages of which three can be uploaded and switched at the push of a button. The Leica Builder is delivered packaged in a handy transport case with a set of accessories for out-of-the-box usage.



Last updated: 28/02/2020