Trimble Tracking Technology Helps Recovery of Stolen Survey Instrumentation - 23/10/2017

KOREC has reported that, following an investigation carried out by Forest Gate Police in East London, UK, over 30 stolen survey instruments and accessories have been recovered from a lock-up. The success of this recovery operation was assisted by one of the stolen instruments, a KOREC supplied Trimble S-Series total station, having built-in Trimble Locate to Protect (L2P) tracking technology.

The tracked instrument is owned by nationwide survey company Sumo Services and was in use on an East London site during the summer when it was stolen. Following its theft, Paul Williams, Director of Sumo Services, was able to log into the L2P portal and monitor the instrument’s journey until if finally came to rest. Using Google Maps, he pinpointed its location at a storage centre whilst Google Street View revealed a CCTV camera covering the storage centre’s entrance. Sumo immediately informed the police and called KOREC to establish its serial number.

Using the L2P report, the police could establish when the instrument arrived at the lock-up enabling them to pinpoint the visual evidence they needed on the CCTV footage to take somebody into custody.

Location and trail

Paul Williams, director of Sumo Services, said the use of L2P has quite literally saved them thousands of pounds. It’s bad for KOREC Sales unfortunately, but good news for Sumo’s insurance premiums and productivity. Whilst it was quite nail biting and stressful watching their instrument visit various caravan sites and eventually ending up in its lock up, they were able to provide sufficient information for Police involvement. The Police are stretched with resources, and this type of crime is low on their list of priorities, however, being able to pinpoint the actual location and the trail of the instrument’s stops helped them to a swift conclusion, Williams continued.

Forest Gate Police recently contacted The Survey Association (TSA) with a list of all the recovered survey equipment which it immediately shared with its members. The TSA actively promotes anti-theft advice to its members and hosts round table discussions on how the industry can best protect itself from the disruption of both planned and opportunistic theft.

Tracking device

Rachel Tyrrell, TSA manager said it is welcome news that the use of a tracking device has, on this occasion, resulted in the recovery of so many pieces of stolen equipment. TSA are currently in discussion with a leading name in crime prevention services to tackle the ongoing problem of equipment theft, which continues to affect so many of their member companies.

This is the fourth incidence of a KOREC customer reporting that Trimble L2P technology has been integral to the recovery process of a stolen instrument.


Last updated: 28/08/2020