Turkish University Opts for Spectra Equipment - 04/02/2013

The University of Hittite, based in Çorum, Turkey, has obtained two Spectra Precision Epoch 50 GNSS receivers and eight Focus 8 total stations for its department of mapping and cadastre. The equipment will be used for academic study and research.

The GNSS receivers and total stations will help ensure that the university’s graduates are ready to carry out the full range of tasks demanded of technicians and assistant project managers for construction projects. The units will also be available for university scientific research projects, said Ibrahim Murat Ozulu, lecturer at the Hittite University.

The Epoch 50 GNSS receiver uses the full spectrum of GPS and GLONASS signals for satellite coverage and precise positioning; each unit can be used as either a base station or rover. The Focus 8 total station is known for its rugged build and refectorless technology, and has a Windows CE operating system. Both the GNSS and total station use the same software.

The university has worked with the Geomatics Group, the official dealer of Spectra Precision in the region. Based in Ankara, the Geomatics Group is responsible for many GIS and GNSS technology projects in Turkey and surrounding countries.

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