Tygron Enters Esri Partner Network - 19/02/2020

The Dutch Esri Partner Network is expanding with Tygron as a Silver Partner. The collaboration between Tygron – the company behind the Tygron Geodesign Platform – and Esri Nederland (the Dutch branch of the GIS software company) facilitates governments, engineers, planners and designers in straightforward cooperation and in providing better solutions to complex spatial tasks.

The impact on space is an increasing concern. Residential construction, climate adaptation and the energy transition require space, while regulations impose great demands on the solutions. Complex tasks such as these require knowledge and the ability to experiment with solutions and to continuously outline the effects of the plans. The collaboration between Tygron and Esri Nederland provides for this.

The valuable spatial information is managed by GIS departments in ArcGIS. Esri Nederland uses ArcGIS to ensure that analysis and visualization features are available. The Tygron Geodesign Platform integrates extreme computing power with validated computing models. The platform is widely used by governments, engineers and designers in the search for solutions for housing, quality of life, climate adaptation and the energy transition.

The Collaboration’s Added Value

GIS information is often hard to get hold of for policy officers, designers and engineers working on solutions to the spatial issues.

Tygron and Esri Nederland provide an automated process, in which data can be used directly from ArcGIS in order to test plans integrally and compute them for themes such as housing, traffic, noise, particulates, energy, climate and the economy. As a result, scenarios can be calculated extremely quickly and powerfully, shortening turnaround times and saving costs.

From the Esri Start-up Programme to Esri Partner

“All our clients are Esri users. By integrating ArcGIS with the Tygron Platform, our clients can work in their familiar GIS environment and directly build computing models in Tygron”, says Florian Witsenburg, CEO at Tygron. “Esri is a large international company, yet for us as a Dutch scale-up, highly accessible. We receive great support from Esri Nederland, first in the Esri Start-up Programme and currently as a partner. We are very proud to be an official Esri Partner as well.”

“Tygron has been using basic maps in ArcGIS to build 3D worlds for some time now. This step towards the integration of our platforms is a new and logical step in the collaboration. We smoothly complement each other while using each other’s strengths: Tygron’s superfast computing power and models and the possibilities for visualization and analysis in ArcGIS,” says Jort Engels, partner manager at Esri Nederland.

Last updated: 28/04/2020