Unveiling of GeoCapacity for India - 17/01/2007

PCI Geomatics (Canada) has announced a series of events in India including New Delhi (January 17), Chandigarh (January 19) and Hyderabad (January 22) to showcase the success of the first phase of the Agricultural GeoCapacity Network (AGCN) project.

In partnership with the Punjab Remote Sensing Center, PAU, Info-Electronic Systems (Montreal and New Delhi) and CIDA Inc, the AGCN phase I project provides a proof of concept that illustrates how information on crop yields and trend analysis can be automatically generated and delivered to scientists, government officials and the general public via a simple web browser.

Developed in conjunction with Indian experts, the AGCN provides an automated way to take complex satellite and geospatial data, and transform it into easily interpreted, deliverable information pertaining to crop, soil, irrigation, pollution and socio-economic factors that will assist in decision making and agricultural productivity.

“Agriculture is key to India’s economy,” said Trevor Taylor, Director of Solutions Sales at PCI Geomatics.  “The Agricultural Geocapacity project with its on-demand information will be able to assist Indian officials to act on any indications of stress or disaster related damages to crops, providing increased vigilance in the agriculture sector for all of Punjab State.”

In addition to showcasing Agriculture, PCI Geomatics will also demonstrate its groundbreaking image-centric Mapping Centre during Map World Forum, January 22nd to 25th in Hyderabad.

Last updated: 21/10/2020